Why are we not using median at all times instead of mean?

Answer by Peter Flom:

Because the mean and median have different properties and sometimes we want the ones associated with the mean.

For example, in large samples from a normal distribution, the median has a larger standard error.  For another, the mean is the expected value.  For a third, the mean is influenced by outliers and, while that is often a justification for using median, sometimes we want a measure that is influenced by outliers.

Why are we not using median at all times instead of mean?

What are some of the greatest examples of presence of mind?

Answer by Kent Fung:

In 1986, a 14-year-old violinist made her debut at Tanglewood, a world-renown music festival anchored by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Performing Leonard Bernstein's Serenade on a 7/8 sized violin, accompanied by an orchestra being conducted by the great Bernstein himself, the diminutive violinist's E-string — the highest-pitched, thinnest, and likely most fragile of the instrument's four violin strings, snapped. Likely the summer weather — which tends to affect violins and violin strings — had something to do with it.

Without missing a beat, the young violinist turned to the orchestra's concertmaster — the head of the violin sections —  and took his violin, resuming her performance seamlessly.

It must have been some weather out there that night, because the E-string on his full-sized violin snapped, too. Again without any expression of alarm, she again turned to the concertmaster, who was leading the orchestra's violinists using the violin of his stand partner, the associate concertmaster. She borrowed that violin, which held up at least long enough for her to finish the performance to a standing ovation.

That violinist was Midori Goto. Leonard Bernstein himself knelt down before her in respect and kissed her hand in homage.

What are some of the greatest examples of presence of mind?

Huckabee: There’s no such thing as the Palestinians

huckabeeRightWingHuckabee is an odd person. He uses his bizarre religious beliefs as a vine to swing freely between the tree of reason and the cliffs of insanity, sometimes going back and forth between them in the same interview. Most recently he claimed that the Palestinian People are a useful myth, “The idea that they have a long history, dating back hundreds or thousands of years, is not true,”

I think he really believes what he claims, and there’s no way to convince him he’s wrong. We can’t really discredit him, because that plays into the Christian extremists’ persecution complex. The best we can do is ensure he remains a side show and never again holds government office.

What is the difference between intelligence and commonsense?

Answer by Howie Reith:

When I was six years old my dad was teaching me how to play Dungeons and Dragons. Intelligence and Wisdom are separate stats in D&D. I found that so strange. So I asked him –

"Daddy, why are Intelligence and Wisdom different?"
"Because you can be a brilliant medical doctor who smokes cigarettes."

Intelligence is your ability to understand and learn concepts and information. Wisdom, or what you're calling common sense, is your experiences, your intuition, your habits, and how you apply them in your life.

What is the difference between intelligence and commonsense?

What is the best profession in the world?

Answer by Christopher Reiss:

A teacher, medical professional, firefighter, cop.   In no particular order.

Let me tell you a tale.   A tale of two funerals.

In the late 90's a certain relative of mine passed away.   We were not close.    He was extremely successful as an industrialist; had a mansion and yachts and a collection of Rolls Royce's.

His name is on a building, he left a wake of endowments behind him.

But he didn't have much contact with others.   Couldn't resolve conflict.  Was often belligerent and obnoxious.

20 people came to his funeral. 10 of us family and the rest on his payroll in one way or another.

Ok, let me tell u about another funeral.   My father was a philosophy teacher at Conn College for almost 40 years.   He died suddenly between Christmas and New Year's, 1999.

Trips were cancelled.   Flight plans redirected.   100's of people showed up for his funeral.    Mostly former students.

One simply shook my hand and said, "Your father inspired me to be a teacher."

That's legacy.   That's life.   That's why we came.

What is the best profession in the world?

Why does my dad stare at other women even when my mom and I are with him?

Answer by Christopher Lamke:

Many men are hardwired to look at women and it's often difficult to control. I know that women look at men too, but are generally more subtle. It sounds like your father is leering at women and girls, and I can imagine that's embarrassing for you, and creepy and maybe a little scary for the girls.

I wish I knew of a technique you could use, or get your father to use, to reduce his leering. This is partly a matter of self control, and partly a matter of biological compulsion. I speculate that your father could do better if he focused on it, and if he was satisfied sexually, he might do better, but there's no guarantee. Some men seem destined to be dominated by sexuality, forever in the state of teen boys, at least until their hormones subside when they reach sufficient age.

Understanding how sexual cues work in men may help you understand what's going on with your father. This should help – Ogi Ogas, "A Billion Wicked Thoughts" | Talks at …: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-A8GvUehq4&feature=youtu.be

Good luck. I hope you and your mother find a way to improve your father's behavior around women or come to terms with his nature.

Why does my dad stare at other women even when my mom and I are with him?

How important is it to save the world’s elephants?

Answer by A Quora admin:

It is vitally important to save the world's elephants. Number one, they are the megagardeners of the forest according to the linked paper from Science Direct. They play a vital role in the health of the rain forests, which then play a vital role in the carbon cycle, absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and returning the oxygen we humans need to breathe back to it. Number two, if we cannot muster the effort to save such a grand and visible species as the elephants, how will we ever hope to save the less obvious ones also threatened by human activity and habitat destruction?

How important is it to save the world's elephants?

Who gets to say who’s a true Muslim?

Answer by A Quora admin:

Everyone gets to say it. In my opinion, no one gets to be right about it.

I understand why religious people are perpetually trying to disown some who self-identify as members of their religion. They're fighting not to be tarred with the same brush, or they're looking for reasons to exclude others, or they fervently believe in the objective truth of their religion. As an irreligious person, I don't have a stake in any of that. I use religious labels descriptively, not prescriptively. If lots of people who believe X self-identify as followers of Islam, then Islam is a religion that includes X. It may also include not-X, of course, if lots of self-identified Muslims believe not-X.

Who gets to say who's a true Muslim?