The Self-Parodying President and his Ministry of Spin

Barb and I watch John Stewart’s Daily Show and Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Report and I’m frequently struck by just how easy it is to create great humor based on the ridiculous behavior of the Bush Administration and the corresponding antics of Fox News. In fact, these organizations are largely self-parodying. It’s difficult to represent Bush and his cronies in a way that is not humorous without focusing on their (incompetently) evil nature. Likewise, Fox News, as an outgrowth and incarnation of the same worldview that got Bush into office twice, would be difficult to maintain as an intelligent set of programming. It’s both hilarious and disturbing that, as Stewart and Colbert showcase weekly using clips from Fox broadcasts, the Fox News team doesn’t even try to present a serious case for their views. Their "news" presentations are outlandish to any thinking person.

In acting as the Bush administration’s unofficial Ministry of Spin, Fox News harms the nation through their active obfuscation of truth. The journalism industry has enough problems without having their image grossly tarnished by an organization that claims to represent the ideal of the press as an instrument of truth in service to the public, while in reality serving only as an organ of control for those currently in power, speaking to those too dull or uneducated, or just plain unwilling, to understand the truth behind the administration’s deeds.


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