McCain-Palin: The Path to Destruction

First, a note. I consider myself a social democrat and while my principles are more or less aligned with those of the U.S. Green Party, it’s clear to me that the Greens in this country are not a viable force for the change we need. Their idealism and refusal to bend to the often short-sighted desires of the U.S. public is an admirable trait for individuals, but as a party, this stance renders them ineffective and relegates them to the outer fringe of our political arena.

I applaud the intentions of the Greens. They serve as a symbol of what humanity might one day achieve, but we are currently facing the destruction of our nation from within. The most capable enemy facing us as a nation right now is Republican aggression, selfishness, and dishonesty. Terrorists and other external enemies can inspire fear and destroy lives, but the Republican attack on personal liberty and civil society strikes at the heart of who we are as a people. We have been traveling for eight years down the path to darkness and destruction. The U.S. Democratic party offers the only real hope for turning this country around and providing a better future for our children and the world.

A change of policy for

While I have always been clear about my personal political stance, I have tried to avoid overt political activism on this web site. However, McCain’s sudden and dramatic shift from an agent of conservative integrity to a political thug using the Bush-Cheney tactics of fear and lies, and his adoption of Sarah Palin as his running mate, has made it necessary for all thinking people to support the Democratic party and Barack Obama as the one viable alternative to the evil that a McCain-Palin presidency would do to this nation and the world.

McCain has recently approved a number of political ads filled with blatant lies about the Democrats, clearly intended to create fear and hatred of Obama. Karl Rove and his thugs used these tactics against McCain in 2000. It’s appalling that McCain is now using the same tactics and many of the same people against Obama. McCain has sold his soul to the Republican win-by-any-means crowd.

Palin is a female version of Dick Cheney

Dishonesty and just plain evil behavior is nothing new in U.S. politics. However, this nation is already reeling from the effects of eight years of an incompetent and regressive president. The United States needs intelligent and progressive leadership and it needs it now.

The election of Sarah Palin and a demented John McCain could very well be the straw that breaks this nation’s back. Palin is more regressive than conservative. She is even more regressive than Bush-Cheney. Palin was able to energize the "Republican base" because they see in her the chance to bring about an Old Testament style theocracy where white Evangelical Christians rule the masses, unimpeded by concepts like civil rights and separation of church and state. Palin’s goal is to take us back to the dark ages of religious and social intolerance. Here are a few scary facts about Ms. Palin.

  1. Palin doesn’t believe in man-made climate change.
  2. Palin would "not blink" if she thought it appropriate to go to war with Russia or Iran.
  3. Palin doesn’t believe in evolution and wants creationism taught in public schools.
  4. Palin recently fought against Endangered Species Act protection for polar bears and suppressed evidence from her own Alaska state scientists that the bears are indeed endangered.
  5. Palin fired many people in her administration for "personal reasons" and appointed many friends (at higher than private sector salaries) who did not have the basic qualifications for the new jobs.
  6. Palin’s church wants to convert gays to heterosexuality through prayer and she is against expanded civil rights for gay and lesbian couples.
  7. As mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, Palin pressured her city librarian to remove books she disapproved of from the library shelves. While we don’t yet know which specific books Palin tried to have banned (and the librarian at that time refuses to comment), it’s clear from the news stories from that time that she did try to ban books and that it was because she found the books morally offensive.
  8. Governor Palin is currently under investigation by the Alaska Legislature for allegedly firing her Public Safety Commissioner because he would not fire her ex-brother-in-law, who is an Alaska State Trooper.
  9. Palin supports abstinence only sex education programs in school, but her teenage daughter is pregnant out of wedlock.
  10. Palin says her daughter’s decision to carry her baby to term was her (the daughter’s) decision, but Palin will work to outlaw abortion for others even in the case of a woman being raped.

Here is a woman who has shown she will personally attack anyone who rubs her the wrong way. Here is a woman who doesn’t let rules get in the way of what she wants. Here is a woman who has one standard for herself and her clan and another standard for everyone else. Does this sound familiar? We’ve had eight years of this behavior on the part of Cheney and Bush, and our country is an international pariah and an economic disaster because of it. We cannot afford to wait any longer to bring sane leadership to this nation.


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