McCain's complete loss of integrity

I haven’t written for awhile, partly due to an insane work schedule, but I’ve also been preoccupied with the events playing out on the U.S. political stage. I’ve been particularly shocked that a man as measured and thoughtful as John McCain would completely surrender his integrity in exchange for a better chance to win the presidential election. McCain was never perfect in standing up for what was right, but he was certainly a cut above the average politician. I really appreciated McCain’s integrity and would have voted for him if our political goals were compatible. To suddenly abdicate his position as an agent of truth and adapt the Bush-style politics of fear and lies casts a long shadow over his otherwise distinguished political career. His behavior is disgraceful and very disappointing.

McCain has also disappointed all but those of the Rove Politics of Fear camp in choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. A candidate with her very mixed (to be delicate) history of actions is not what he needs to improve the United States’ political process. I have read extensively on Palin and she appears to be a mixture of Cheney’s aggressiveness and Bush’s cronyism, all rolled into a female form. The Republicans’ purpose in choosing Palin was clearly to seize the initiative from Obama as the "historic" candidate and provide an outlet for the women who feel disenfranchised by Hillary Clinton’s absence from the Democratic ticket. It’s hard to believe that with all her problems, Palin would have even been considered if she were not a woman.

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