Timez Attack Rocks!

My 8 year old boys play with a number of educational games in school and some of them are pretty good. Recently, they started bugging me to let them download a game called Timez Attack. Their teacher or school bought the game and the boys love playing it. I downloaded the free “demo” version of the game and watched them play it. It’s very cool. It’s sort of an adventure game on rails where your character walks through a “dungeon” and confronts various monsters. When the monster appears, he starts moving toward you and you have to defeat him by quickly typing in answers to the multiplication problems that appear on the monsters body. That’s your only defense against the monster. It plays a lot better than it sounds, at least for my kids. I’m thinking of getting the full game for ~$40. If you have kids that would benefit from multiplication practice, it’s definitely worth a look.

That reminds me that there’s another game, called Dungeon Scroll that basically does the same thing with words. Monsters approach you and you have to defeat them by quickly typing out words using the letters you have available, kind of a high speed Scrabble. This is also worth checking out and I think I should download this so my boys can enjoy it like my daughter did. There’s a free limited version and the full version is only $15.

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