We Can't Legislate Love

We can’t legislate a solution to the abortion problem because we can’t legislate love. This seems obvious once you think about it, but both sides in the public battle are so full of ideological fury that they can miss this point. The Republican/Christian right is particularly guilty of this. Contrary to their extreme position, pro-choice does not mean pro abortion, but many believe that not having an unwanted child, even if that means aborting it, is preferable to forcing a woman to be slave to a choice she did not consciously make and is not ready for. In most of the world, there are many more children than willing parents. These children know they are unwanted, and that knowledge colors their whole lives.

Abortion will cease to be a problem only when humanity ceases to be so short-sighted that it treats children as a necessary burden to bear rather than a joyful community focus. When human societies become communally focused, with the perpetuation of life itself as a primary goal, then we will treasure and support our children as symbols of actual and potential life. When we learn to educate our children to think and serve in this way, our abortion problem will be solved. We have to build loving adults from loved children and provide a positive, nurturing environment that teaches compassion for and service to all life.

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