Israel: A Nation of War Criminals

The news today carries the story of Israel’s continued massacre in Gaza. Not content with bombing everywhere a Hamas militant might potentially be hiding, Israel has decided to kill whole families of innocents in refugee camps, and even a U.N. school was not immune to the ravenous IDF onslaught. Israel killed at least 30 people in its assault on the school.

There comes a time when the arguments about Israel’s right to exist sound hollow next to the suffering inflicted on others by that existence. Does a creature that lives off the suffering and blood of innocents have a right to exist? Israel is a nation founded on injustice, the arbitrary taking of land from those who had occupied it for generations, and whose very existence seems predicated on the continued suffering of those in surrounding lands.

The primitive conservative Christian ethics of the Bush-Cheney administration has guided America for eight long years, giving it the pretense of justification in making war against anyone who doesn’t fit their narrow worldview. After eight years of Bush-Cheney, the world is more unjust and less stable, and the cost in human (and economic) suffering will haunt us for decades to come. The United States is finally getting a taste of what it means to suffer as a nation, and has decided to change its path.

A related and similarly primitive Judaic ethics allows Israel to inflict Bronze Age justice on the Palestinian people. Israel, founded on and sustained by injustice, seems incapable of learning to coexist with peace and justice. Too many have suffered for too long at the hands of this brutal state. It is long past time for the people of Israel to recognize this and dissolve the state as a final act of justice. Nations that supported Israel in its long and bloody fight against the rightful inhabitants of Palestine can open their borders to receive its citizens in a final diaspora.

Note that Hamas is far from blameless in this situation. While elements of Hamas certainly provide for the inhabitants of Gaza, the militant attacks of other Hamas elements and the other factions that share their backward-facing world view have given Israel the slim excuse it needs to rain death on Gaza.

The state of Israel has no place in the modern world. It’s dissolution will not cure the troubles of the Middle East, but it will be a big step in the right direction.

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