Israeli Rights Groups Call for War Crimes Inquiry

As the Israeli war against Gaza reaches its 19th day, the situation continues to be critical for the civilian inhabitants of Gaza, who have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, and are left to dodge Israeli fire as best they can. The Guardian points out that more than 260 children have now been killed by Israel.

In my previous post on this war, I pointed out that justice demands the dissolution of Israel. Justice also demands that the United States immediately withdraw all support from Israel and begin negotiating with Israel and its allies for a peaceful way forward, including the arrest of those responsible for war crimes and their transport to the International Criminal Court for trial. As part of the dissolution process, the citizens of Israel must be accepted by those states that created it and have supported it through the years. The land must be returned to the people from whom it was taken.

Israel has ignored a U.N. call for an immediate cease fire. The loss of life has been so blatantly one-sided and the suffering of the Gazans so great that even Israeli rights groups are calling for a war crimes inquiry. While the groups’ stand against their murderous government is admirable, Israel is a corrupt and inherently violent nation and we are past the time when Israel can reasonably be left intact.

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