Barack Obama is President!

Barack Obama is President!

President Obama took the oath of office today at 12:00pm Eastern time. Barack’s presidency brings the disastrous Bush-Cheney era to a decisive and most welcome end, but more importantly, President Obama heralds the dawn of a new era of justice, competence, transparency, and raw potential for our nation and the world.

Despite the sometimes religious nature of the inauguration ceremonies, no angels descended from heaven to mark the ascendancy of Barack Obama to our nation’s highest office. Instead, we have something far better, the initial goodwill and promised patient support of vast millions of U.S. citizens, who have promised their time and effort to help remake this nation to be the just leader of the free world. These citizens, and I count myself among them, will be the boots on the ground, the hands on the tools, the minds deep in thought, and the voices on the wire who will watch our new president and be willingly led when he is right, and unfailingly critical when he makes the inevitable mistakes that all great men are subject to when working for a better future. Together we can remake the United States into a shining example of what a nation can do when its people truly care for one another and the world.

Of course, my hope for a new nation and a better world is by no means a sure thing, but we have chosen the most able man to lead us and I think we stand a good chance of emerging from Obama’s initial term with the awful detritus of our immediate past swept to the side and the outlines of a new nation taking shape. I invite you not just to watch with me, but to work with me to make it happen.

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