Time to Welcome Cuba With Open Arms

The time is long past for the United States to change it’s Cuban policies and welcome Cuba as a partner nation. All the misguided attempts to pressure Cuba to abandon socialism and to foment rebellion against the Castro regime have failed. That failure was obvious years ago and yet we still continue to punish the Cuban people because they live under a government whose form we dislike.

What do we have to lose? Cuba is certainly no threat to us and hasn’t been since the 60s. Now, after the transfer of power from Fidel to Raul Castro, is an ideal time to extend our hand in friendship. We have very little to lose and a small foothold of peace and a huge boost in international reputation to gain by this action. Most of all, the Cuban people will reap huge benefits from open trade and other friendly relations with us, and humanity demands that we take this opportunity to befriend the Cuban people.

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