VLC 0.9.9 Released

Version 0.9.9 of the VLC Media Player was just released. If you’ve never used this player, or if you have trouble playing videos with protected content on say, Windows Vista, then you owe it to yourself to give this software a try. It’s free of charge, open source, multi-platform, and most importantly for most of you, plays almost anything you throw at it.

I use VLC on my Vista laptop because Vista somehow believes that my music DVDs are from another region and it prompts me to change the region whenever I try to play one. Then I usually have problems with Windows Media Player locking up after that. I figured out that if I open VLC before I insert the DVD, it prevents Vista from doing its region checking and Media Player locking mayhem and I can just use VLC to load and play the disc. Nice! It’s sad that Vista can’t even play a legal DVD of course, but until I convert completely over to Ubuntu or OS X, this solution does the job for me.

Give VLC a try. There are builds for Windows, OS X, various flavors of Linux, and several more exotic OSs, so it’s likely to work fine on whatever system you’re running.

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