James "Caveman" Dobson Stepping Down After Losing Culture War

James “Caveman” Dobson is stepping down from his position as head of the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family. In his farewell speech, he acknowledged that the conservatives and especially the conservative Christians are losing the culture war. He notes in that speech that our nation is “awash in evil”. By evil, he apparently means the following:

  1. A substantial decrease in the number of people claiming to believe in Dobson’s version of god,
  2. The unprecedented ability of people of any sexual orientation to walk in public with self-respect and without fear,
  3. The growing ability of women to choose what they want to do with their lives,
  4. The gradual movement of most citizens, particularly the well-educated, toward a more secular worldview,
  5. The departure of the Christian Decider president in disgrace and the ascendance of a secret muslim who has the audacity not to be a rich white guy.

Dobson is one of the foremost enemies of modernity. His apparent reasonableness and his few concessions to humanism, such as acknowledging that women have the right to relationships free from abuse, conceal his deeper motives, and that makes him all the more dangerous. I can only hope that the world continues to deny Mr. Dobson and his organization their dream of a Christian Fascist theocracy ruled by Old Testament law.

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