Women Increasingly Switching Sides in Midlife

Vicki Lovine has a great article over at the Huffington Post on her growing awareness of the many women she knows who are switching sides, moving from traditional, heterosexual, “married with children” relationships to partly or wholly lesbian relationships in midlife or later.

If you are at all interested in human sexuality, this is a very interesting article. While it’s easy to see why insecure, immature, abused, conservatively indoctrinated, and unintelligent women choose to live with men, I’ve wondered for years why so many intelligent and secure women live with men who are well behind them in social and educational development. Young women’s sex and familial drives and their common attraction to bad boys who are grossly unsuitable for anything but a physical relationship account for some of this, and this supports Ms. Lovine’s observations in the article.

Speaking as a man, I’ve found that once you grow up, most women are much better company than most men. Sadly, that seems to be changing a little due to young women abandoning their traditional roles as junior homemakers in favor of partaking of the same freedoms and pleasures that have traditionally been the exclusive domain of men, but on the whole, women are still more capable of building and sustaining a positive relationship than men of the same age, education and maturity.

Some mature, highly educated and intelligent men (or women) may disagree with me on some of this, but I suspect that those in disagreement tend to live and work only among those who (like them) are among the top few percent in human development. I suggest that these people spend a year or two among the socially and educationally backward people that comprise the vast majority of humanity and then see if they still disagree.

Switching Sides Later in Life

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