Randall Terry – Monster

I just saw on the Huffington Post that Randall Terry, Christian fundamentalist, hypocrite, and the founder of Operation Rescue, is also a sociopath. Responding to the murder of abortion providing Doctor George Tiller in his own church by a violent anti-abortion activist, Mr. Terry regrets only that Doctor Tillman didn’t have a chance to “prepare his soul to face God.” What a sick, demented man. Read Terry’s profile on Wikipedia (or elsewhere) to see an example of the Republican party’s base.

I am a humanist and do not believe in any sort of god. I am also against abortion, but it’s clear that outlawing it is not the way to solve this essentially social problem. When our society truly values life, something Terry and his fellows clearly do not understand, then abortion will become unnecessary and a rarity.  Until that time, abortion will exist (legal or not). Compassion, rather than violence, is the way forward from here.




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