The Right Wing Attempts to Destroy America's Civil Foundation

The stooges of the American right-wing continue to disrupt any attempt at civil discourse. Ostensibly, their current efforts are directed against health care reform, but their actions are damaging the foundation which makes civil society possible.

I am working on a section of this site dedicated to documenting the right’s attempt to destroy this nation’s civil foundation. Their intent is to regain power of course, but they are obviously willing to use a scorched earth approach to achieve that end. A nation in decline actually suits their purposes better than a healthy ascendant one, because constant fear and lies intended to warp reality and provide a scapegoat for that fear is necessary in order for them to regain and maintain power over the masses. History and current events in Afghanistan show just how well this strategy works.

For now, I’ll just provide a few examples of the hideous behavior people are engaging in after being incited by FOX News and right-wing talk radio.

I’ll be posting more on this as I get time.

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