The Eagles Love Profit More Than Life Itself

I was shocked to hear that the Eagles had signed Michael Vick and agreed to pay him potentially $6 million over 2 years. This is a man who no sensible person would leave their children with, let alone their pets, and as soon as he’s available, a greedy NFL team signs him up. The other NFL teams aren’t making a big fuss over this, but I bet some of their managers are just as shocked as I am. If deliberately abusing and murdering dogs in some of the most depraved ways imaginable is not enough to end an NFL player’s career, that confirms my suspicion that the NFL is a “pure” business, entirely devoid of moral compass and having no end other than maximizing the profit of those involved.

If you’ve read any of my other articles here on Facticity, you’ve probably realized that I’m generally liberal, the type of person who believes in giving someone a second chance after they’ve faced the consequences of their actions. That I am. But if we examine the nature of Vick’s crimes, and this latest, most evil one is only one in a long line of his offenses against life, then we must inevitably conclude that this is more a monster than a man, and while he might someday convince us he is worthy of living among other humans, he should never be allowed to obtain a position of responsibility or serve as a role model. Serving as an elite player in the NFL, he can hardly avoid being a role model.

There have been protests to Vick’s signing, of course, and not just from animal rights groups, but the Eagles’ decision calculus appears to be based entirely on cold cash. There are calls for the Eagles to match Vick’s salary with like contributions to dog shelters, which would certainly be a sign that the Eagles at least acknowledge the value of life outside its potential to generate profit. I doubt we’ll see the Eagles put up any money for animal welfare unless they’re pushed to the wall by local outrage. We’ll see.


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