Evil Company of the Week: Digiprotect

Not content with being just garden variety bad, a company called Digiprotect is determined to be so antisocial that they’ll eventually be purged from the earth by an angry mob. Predictably, these sociopaths are in the copyright enforcement business.

Digiprotect’s twist on the copyright enforcement scam goes like this:

  1. Acquire the right to distribute movies to stores
  2. Post the movies online and wait for people to download them.
  3. Sue the people who downloaded the movies, concentrating on places where suing will be the most profitable.
  4. Make lots of money.

There are a number of issues with Digiprotect’s actions, aside from the obvious immorality of it.

  1. If a company has distribution rights to the movies and posts them online, then the downloading is authorized, not infringing.
  2. DigiProtect makes it clear that its business involves figuring out the most profitable way to catch and sue file sharers. It is obviously not interested in reducing copyright infringement, just profiting from it. In fact, if anything, Digiprotect actively encourages infringement. The company apparently pays its staff a cut of whatever is “collected”, so their motive is not to stop unauthorized file sharing, but to figure out the best way to profit from sending threat letters to people. From the article, “The company even admits that the numbers it demands from people, and the numbers used in lawsuits have nothing to do with actual damages, but are entirely about what they think is mostly likely to get them paid. That sounds an awful lot like the what most people call extortion.”

UPDATE: It looks like Digiprotect is one third of a triangle (the others being Davenport Lyons and Evil Angel) out to profit from the activities above. As the blogger at this link points out, this looks like conspiracy to commit fraud.

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