Apple Refuses to Add Camera to iPod Touch

Apple has really disappointed me with their failure to add a camera to the iPod Touch. I was actually hoping they would add both a camera and a microphone (and maybe even a GPS?) to the Touch, making it essentially an iPhone without the phone. Instead they added a cheesy camera (but still a camera) to the Nano but nothing significant to the Touch.

Why Apple!? Why oh why? I delayed getting a netbook just in case Apple would come through with an iPod Touch that would fulfill my need for a web capable PDA.  (Also, my wife doesn’t think I need another computer.) Apple has decided, for whatever reason, to withhold the iPod Touch with camera and microphone from me and all the other people who wanted one. We are not amused. Even my cats hate Apple right now, and I’m planning to take my children’s privileges away so they hate Apple too.

I really like my Macbook and iMac. They are beautiful, no compromise machines. But since Apple seems bent on overcharging and under-delivering on their non-Mac products, I guess I’ll stick with non-Apple products for all my other Geek needs. Maybe I can get MintOS running on my kids’ Sansa Fuzes.

That is all.

One thought on “Apple Refuses to Add Camera to iPod Touch

  1. Steve Jobs


    Calm down and have a cup of cool-aid. You are looking at this all wrong. The iPod touch did not get a camera because it is a piece of crap camera that can only take video. It is one the Nano , with FM, to increase it’s market share. The iPod touch is a very capable netbook device in a smaller form factor. So stop your whining and open safari on the touch and browse the web or use an app. Shutup and listen to your wife you do not need another computer.

    Steve Jobs

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