CIGNA is a Criminal Enterprise

Dawn Smith was diagnosed with a brain tumor 4 years ago. The tumor caused crippling head pain, but CIGNA (her health insurance provider) refused to cover out of network testing and treatment to improve her situation. She took anti-epileptic medicine for her condition, but a week ago, CIGNA told her they were increasing her co-pay for this medicine by $3000 a year. The horror does not end there. Read the article for more details. Dawn’s cause was taken up by and she has become a very public example of the catastrophic failure of our health care system and the need to reform it so the health insurance companies are forced to provide the care they are paid for and no one is denied critical treatment because someone decides it’s too expensive.

We are a wealthy nation and it’s grossly immoral to deny anyone here needed medical care. Dawn has health insurance from CIGNA and their refusal to authorize her treatment should make them criminally liable. My wife has had to fight our health insurance companies for years to get our family’s health care paid for. This is care that is covered in our plan and they are obligated to pay for it, but they consistently do everything in their power to avoid paying the bills. CIGNA, AETNA, and Anthem/Blue Cross are operating criminal enterprises and need to be prosecuted as such.

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