Untruth and Unreason – Cantor and the GOP

I’m always a little surprised by the lies uttered by the GOP and their Ministry of Truth (Fox News), and at the capacity of otherwise intelligent people to accept them without analysis. I expect people like Palin, whose world view is about 2,000 years out of date, to accept and propagate this nonsense, but those like Cantor are educated enough to know better and have clearly accepted that the ends justify the means (something they have in common with the totalitarian socialists Hitler and Stalin) and are comfortable lying to their followers to get them to behave as desired.

Most people don’t understand socialism and therefore can’t make the connection that Medicare, Social Security, National Defense, and (yes, Glenn Beck) libraries are socialist structures that have long had a central place in American life. But the GOP leaders do know what socialism is and are leading their followers astray, something both Judaism (Cantor’s faith) and Christianity were stridently against. How is it that these purportedly moral men feel justified in committing so much evil in the name of their cause?

How is it that the GOP and others on the right can sleep at night and attend church or synagogue while spending most of their time lying to make sure that the poor remain poor, corporations remain free to trample the rights of individuals, and only those fortunate enough to have good insurance plans get necessary health care? How does that fit into their belief system?

The GOP and the Tea Partiers claim to be fighting for Freedom. The overwhelmingly white and affluent members of these groups are really fighting not for the Constitution or for the universal ideal of Freedom. They are fighting to keep the way of life their ancestors had when this nation was founded, when whites (even poor ones) were members of the master race, the Old Testament was the unwritten law of the land, and gays, atheists, and others who threatened the majority’s world view remained safely closeted. This is a culture war, and either progressives will win this battle and continue to drag the regressives forward into the light, or the regressives (represented by the GOP and Tea Party) will drag us all back into the dark ages.

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