Review of "The Mummy Returns"

I just watched “The Mummy Returns” with my 9 year old sons Thomas and Joshua. The plot is lightweight, serving mainly as a framework for the many action scenes. There’s a lot of fighting and some gore (but not too much), with a humorous, somewhat goofy undertone. As with most movies of this type, you need to not just suspend disbelief, but leave your rational mind at the door. Trying to analyze the events in this movie will only ruin it for you.

As an adult, I appreciated the moments where you could empathize with some of the movie’s villains, understanding that they were just deeply flawed human beings. Just as with the first Mummy movie, I felt a litle shortchanged by the presence of so many deep philosophical themes and the failure to really develop any of them, A deeper, more thoughtful script could have made this a great movie for the thinkers among us. But this is not that kind of movie and it’s unfair to hold that against it.

Overall, the boys and I enjoyed “The Mummy Returns”. It reminded us of “Big Trouble in Little China”, and that’s a good thing.

[review pros=”lots of action, very good special effects, goofy undertone, feel-good” cons=”illogical, story is a big stretch”  score=80]

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