I wish I'd Gotten an Android Phone

I apologize in advance for the rambling nature of this rant/post.

I bought an iPod Touch 32GB a few months ago to accompany me on a trip to a week-long tech conference across the country. I had my corporate laptop with me but it has a high-end video card and lasts about an hour and a half on battery. Plus it’s huge and heavy. (With all the corporate software on it, it’s not even very fast, but that’s another story.) So I needed something to take notes, read books, play games, access the net, etc. The iPod Touch has fulfilled these needs pretty well, but as an open source true believer I was never comfortable with the Touch. I think this will be my last foray into the Apple world. I bought an iMac and a MacBook last year and while they are beautifully engineered, I just can’t get past the proprietary “our way or the highway” Apple attitude. I am putting the latest Mint OS on the iMac and the MacBook will stay with OS-X because my wife loves it.

The Touch was probably the last straw for me. Apple’s puritan ethic regarding what they will allow on iTunes is really irritating. I’ll be jailbreaking¬† the Touch soon, but that will be just a band-aid to get me through until I find a better product. I really wanted to buy a single device with a decent camera, built-in microphone, GPS, and other stuff. So I would have been happier with an iPhone or Google Nexus One, but I didn’t want to be locked into a phone contract and the Nexus One was too new at the time.

Today I found out I could have gotten an Android Dev Phone for $400, unlocked and fully accessible to developers. The dev phone has a decent camera, GPS, all the stuff I really wanted. That would have been a much better deal for me. We are going to develop some GIS-centric apps for Android at work now, so hopefully I can convince my wife I NEED this phone. Also, I want an Android tablet when a mature one becomes available.

Here’s the link to the Wikipedia article on the dev phone – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_Dev_Phone

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