Apple’s Sorry iPhone 4 Fix

Rather than admitting that Apple screwed up big-time and offering a phone recall with a true hardware fix, Steve Jobs held a press conference today in which he acknowledged the flaw, offered a sort of half-hearted apology, and revealed Apple’s solution – free plastic bumpers for the iPhone that ruin its design aesthetic but apparently fix the reception issue. I’m a little shocked that Apple didn’t offer a recall of any sort, but I guess I shouldn’t be given Apple’s (and Steve Jobs’) “our way or the highway” attitude.

I think Apple is past it’s prime. They make very well engineered products (I’m typing this on an iMac and my wife uses a MacBook) but their treatment of customers sucks. I’m on the verge of buying an Android phone and I’ve got Ubuntu installed on this iMac, waiting to be set up. One of my brothers is going to dump his iPhone when he renews his contract and two Mac-loving relatives were waiting for the iPhone 4 but are now considering other options.

Link to Apple’s press conferenceĀ  coverage:

Links to details of Apple’s censoring/deleting comments on the antenna issue: and

Link to a humorous take on Apple’s fix for the iPhone 4:

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