Unclear Thinking at the American Spectator

After landing on the American Spectator site while surfing for comic interviews of the Westboro Baptist Church, I read an article written by . After reading this, you feel like yelling, “Can a Brother Get a Free Thought Up in this Joint!?” In his article, Mr. Lord falsely equates the Imam behind the falsely named Ground Zero mosque (it’s two big city blocks away) to the Westboro Baptist Church. It’s a pretty superficial job, an obvious attempt to support either the sanctity of his own closed worldview or the views of those simpletons who will accept what he says at face value.

I don’t have time to read The American Spectator regularly but either they need to police their contributors better or they are unconcerned with the quality of reasoning on their site.

Link: http://spectator.org/blog/2010/08/27/huffpowestboro-and-the-mosque

I’ve included my comment on his blog entry below in case it gets lost or something.

“The Westboro folks are inviting debate, serious or otherwise, by their actions. In reading the Imam’s interview on HuffPo, you picked a few words to reinforce what you decided to say here, rather than considering that the Imam was trying to explain the origin and intent of Sharia law and calling for its reform to conform with modern culture. The Imam is trying to bring peace and understanding and you are deliberately distorting his words to support your goal of falsely equating the Imam with Westboro Church.
The Westboro crew seems to be more than a little mentally ill on average. You appear intelligent enough to be aware of what you’re doing. Please try to open your mind a crack so you can see that Muslims (and especially Liberals) are a diverse group, not the unvarying and unthinking golems you portray here.”

Update: Mr. Lord has replied to my comment. I don’t think he addressed what I said here but rather went off on a tangent justifying the regressives’ feelings about the mosque. I agree that it’s a bad choice to build the mosque/community center there and I have no misconceptions about Islam (or any of the Western monotheistic religions). We are definitely in a culture war and the regressive Muslims want to win. Bin Laden and the Taliban hate us for our values as much as for the destruction we cause in our clumsy attempts to shape the world. The Christians (or those who feel they represent Christianity) feel they’ve been attacked and are in no mood for forgiveness or giving quarter to their perceived enemy. As a secular humanist, I think people of secular reason will win in the long run (if there is a long run) and I think both regressive Muslims and regressive Christians should go the way of the dodo.

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