Ignorant Attack On Michelle Obama’s Speech to NAACP

I’ve come across yet another ridiculous article by a Tea Party follower, this time attacking Michelle Obama for race-baiting. The article has a link to Mrs. Obama’s speech and I can’t see any race baiting, but maybe I’m just under the spell of the brilliantly devious white house propaganda wing.

Link: http://www.examiner.com/conservative-in-national/michelle-obama-uses-race-baiting-naacp-speech-to-motivate-liberal-base

My comment is below, just in case it disappears from the Examiner site.

If the Tea Party is not racist, why are there only white people at their rallies? I’ve seen a lot of photos of the rallies and in every instance, the crowd is overwhelmingly white, with little representation by Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or anyone else.

Also, how do you explain Beck’s and others’ blatant racism, as well as the fact that the Tea Party has had to eject one of it’s top members because he was too publicly, overtly racist? I know several Tea Party followers who are racist. I don’t know any who aren’t.

Your article starts with the conclusion that the attacks on the Tea Party are attempts to salvage the Democratic party’s majority in Congress and then tries to build a case for that conclusion. Normally, reasonable people weigh the facts first and then draw conclusions based on those facts.

You make a lot of assertions that are not only unproven but laughable. Where is your evidence? Facts stated by a trusted objective organization such as politifact.com or factcheck.org would be helpful. Where are all the people who think the NAACP is the most racist organization in America? I live in Virginia, not a blue state by any means, and I haven’t heard this. Your imaginary NAAWP concept is hilarious. White people have never been an underclass in this nation. Tea Party followers are afraid of losing their place as the preeminent racial group in America, afraid of the Dream King laid out on the mall and Beck tried to appropriate for his farcical movement.

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