Pashtun Men Use Boys for Sex

Even after reading this from a reliable source and seeing that others have reported it, it’s hard to believe.

Afghan Pashtun men commonly use boys as sex slaves, and this is an accepted and even celebrated part of Pashtun culture. The U.S. Defense Department is aware of this and even hired a social scientist to research this phenomenon. Read the article for details. This disgusting behavior seems to originate in the male need for sexual release and the fact that these men cannot gaze upon or even talk to an Afghan woman until they have proposed marriage. Because their fundamental version of Islam teaches that women are perpetually unclean, the men mate with their women only for procreation and satisfy their sexual desires with boys.

It’s hard to believe these backward people have so twisted Islam that they practice pedophilia as a pillar of their culture. It makes me simultaneously want to get us the heck out of that accursed land and to rescue the women and children so they can have a chance at a good life.


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