Murdoch Owns the GOP

Finally, someone has said what’s clearly been true for some time. Rupert Murdoch owns the GOP.

Not in the sense that he physically owns the members of the GOP or its resources, but in the sense that he or his lieutenants have a hand in and in some way direct everything the GOP does. He leads and the GOP follows that lead. The Tea Partiers suckle at the teat of Fox News, imbibing such ‘facts’ as “Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya”, “health care reform will create death panels”, and other gems of irrationality from the clever purveyors of ignorance on that network.

It’s hard to believe that our nation, which has devoted so many resources to education and has such a presence in the world of science, can be so far behind Europe in casting off the shackles of willful ignorance and magical thinking. But there it is, staring me in the face every time I read the news.


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