LG Optimus V review

I bought the LG Optimus V the day it became available and I am impressed with it so far. My only complaint is that the Virgin Mobile network doesn’t reach into my office at work, which is in a very non-cellular friendly building. I get reception in all other areas I care about (even in my basement) so I think the phone’s reception is fine. If you’re fine with VirginMobileUSA’s network, you’ll be happy with this phone’s reception.

I have a Verizon Galaxy Tab but wanted a small no contract phone for the times I don’t want to carry the Tab and to comfortably make phone calls and text. The Tab is a great device, far better than some of the critical reviews indicate, and although the Tab is obviously a much higher end device that the Optimus V, the Optimus is more than satisfactory for my use.

Specifically, this phone has:
–  A bright, clear, and very responsive touch screen, with plenty of resolution for viewing web pages
– well designed and well performing physical buttons
– good reception in most areas
– fast internet access in most areas – around 1000 Kbps down/250 Kbps up from my house
– decent battery life – easily a full day’s occasional use with talk, chat, and web
– fast response for most applications despite having a much slower processor than current high-end phones
– keyboard is cramped in portrait mode – I have big fingers – but Swype comes with the phone and makes it much easier to type.
– very stable – crashes less than my Galaxy Tab even though I’m a major tinkerer and like to play with various launchers and other apps
– very nice physical design – it’s a good looking phone
– decent camera provided there’s enough light – phone has no flash
– good WiFi performance – I can connect to my router with this phone from my car more than 20 feet from my house

A few tips:
– Be sure to put the phone in airplane mode when you know you have no reception so the phone doesn’t drain the battery constantly looking for a signal. I only have this problem in my office at work where only Verizon gets good reception.
– The screen is apparently plastic so it’s a good idea to put a screen protector on it if you care about scratches – no scratches yet for this phone but I’m neurotic and have a screen protector on my Tab’s Gorilla Glass screen.

Summary: The Optimus V is great choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive phone with no cellular contract that will give you the full Android experience.

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  1. Devonte lyons

    Thanks so much! I was debating on the samsung intercept and the optimus v and im going with the optimus v. Though, thiz one doesnt have a slide-out qwerty keyboard, like you said it sstyll has swype. Thanks again.

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