The Document Foundation – A Truly Free Office Suite

I  just donated 50 euros to The Document Foundation to help them get established as a legal entity. The Document Foundation is the home of Libre Office, a truly free (LGPL) fork of the applications suite. Open Office was never truly free because Sun controlled it with a sometimes heavy hand and when the greedy Oracle bought Sun, it was clear a fork was needed for the Open Office to survive and prosper.

Please consider donating 50 euros (or any amount) to The Document Foundation. They need a minimum of 50,000 euros to establish themselves as a legal entity in Germany. I hated to see Oracle swallow MySQL and Sun, but it’s been great to see the free software community step up and create a truly free fork of Open Office. I’m sure Oracle is biding their time, trying to figure out how to maximize profits from MySQL and I hope to see a strong fork of MySQL in the near future.



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