Evernote is Great!

I don’t usually cheer for commercial products, especially closed source ones. But Evernote is a special case. It’s an organization app that supports storing notes, pictures, sound recordings, just about anything you can digitize, and has well designed apps for most major platforms, including the web, Windows and Mac, IOS and Android … There isn’t an official version for Linux yet.

There are other apps that have most of what Evernote has, but Evernote beats these others in design. It looks good, works the way you expect it to. It just does most things right, better than the other organization apps out there. Evernote looks and feels right and works the way you expect it to, and its possession of this rare set of traits matters much more than any particular functionality in the long run.

I pay for a premium Evernote subscription and I also paid for a year’s subscription to Remember the Milk, but I eventually gave up on Remember the Milk because I just couldn’t get over the user interface. I now use a web app called Producteev combined with Astrid to manage my tasks and the user interfaces on these apps are excellent, making them a pleasure to use.

If you’re looking for an app to organize all your digital information, give Evernote a try.


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