GoDaddy is Scum

The title says it all really. I mean specifically that GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons is scum, but really anyone who works at or does business with such a dishonorable company fits the description. GoDaddy is the Halliburton of internet companies and Parsons embodies the Ugly American that the world loves to hate. I despise him myself for his actions against the defenseless and for tarnishing the nobility of this nation with his presence.

Parsons recently went to Zimbabwe and killed an Elephant for fun. He framed it as helping the poor people of that nation, who struggle under a horrible dictator. A transparent PR job if ever I saw one. Parsons could have lobbied against Mugabe, brought the people food, contributed to the NGOs in the area, but that would have been a lot less fun for him.

It’s people like Parsons, who represent the worst excesses of man, that cause me to doubt whether we will ever be the nation of righteousness we could be if we grew up and accepted our responsibility in the world.