Cameras Protect Teen Drivers

I’m unlikely to let my wayward daughter drive a car anytime soon, but I welcome the use of monitoring devices for all teen drivers, the effects of which are described in this article. She will definitely have some sort of monitor with her should I decide to let her drive while she’s under my roof.

Adults convicted of certain driving offenses should also be subject to mandatory monitoring as a condition of continued possession of a driver’s license . I am an activist for privacy issues generally and I believe privacy in communications and commerce is essential to a functioning democracy, but there should be no expectation of privacy while controlling a potentially deadly machine on a public road. Being granted a license to drive on public roads should require an explicit agreement to be monitored if necessary. We can (and would) argue about what factors would subject a driver to monitoring, but the mechanism should be there as a tool to increase public safety by monitoring those drivers who need external pressure and determining who should not be trusted to drive period.



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