We Need Al Jazeera in the US

I read mainly the BBC and New York Times for my news, but I’m increasingly impressed by Al Jazeera and have added them to my primary news sources. They appear to be as objective as any news source and they have a perspective that comes from not being US or British based that I value.

No networks that I”m aware of carry Al Jazeera here in Northern Virginia, which means I have to get it from the internet, not a big problem for me but it denies Al Jazeera credibility and income they clearly deserve. I’d also like an Android news reader app for their service but I get along for now with a bookmark to their web page on my Galaxy Tab.

You can go to the Al Jazeera web site and ask that your local media companies carry Al Jazeera. I won’t hold my breath on this because I live in a country with large numbers of bigots and just plain ignorant people, who would be afraid of (and against) Al Jazeera just based on its name, but I hope some brave media company eventually introduces this excellent news source to my part of the United States.


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