Facticity Now Has a Brother

I’ve noticed that the complexity of a personality is a reliable measure of intelligence, at least of some facets. The simpler a person’s or animal’s personality is, the less intelligent they will tend to be. I’m not talking about those obsessed with one or two things, but rather those who focus on basic needs like food, shelter, sex, etc. or wants like status objects when these are readily available. Very intelligent people tend to have a wide variety of passions they pursue, many of which often contradict one another, almost as if there were several people stuck inside the same mind, battling for control. Ask yourself about very smart people you’ve known and I think you’ll recall they tend to be pretty eclectic in their tastes and activities.

So anyway, you’ve already guessed that I’m including myself among the smart people. So, in order to stop myself from feeling conflicted every time I put a very silly picture of a kitten on the same page with a call to dethrone a crooked or regressive (usually both) politician, I’ve started a site just for fun stuff. The new site is called Boo Boo Kitten. I’ll let you read the About page of that site if you’re interested in finding out how I came up with that name.

The takeaway is that you, my millions of fans and admirers, now have two places to go to bask in the warmth and wisdom that is Chris Lamke. You’re welcome!



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