Religion Against Science 2011

I sometimes feel like I’m living in a nation filled with mental midgets, people who are able to reject the tools of reason and all that they’ve done for us while simultaneously enjoying their benefits. They somehow make it through life with their reasoning ability kept in an infantile state.

This nation is dense with people that deny evolution while accepting (because doctors say so) that resistant bacteria require new antibiotics. They enjoy the revelations of natural science, and the resulting products that make their lives more comfortable, without accepting what they imply about the world around them.

Enough ranting. Wired has a sampling of 7 states that are busily trying to undermine science education in their domains. There are the usual suspects, of course: Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky … although New Mexico seems an unlikely entrant in the most regressive state race. Fortunately, the New Mexico bill is already dead in committee.



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