Obama Unplugged

Obama was recently captured in a moment of unfiltered honesty. The microphone was “accidentally” left on, as is usually the case with these snafus, and Obama was captured expressing his contempt for Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Representative who portrays himself as America’s friendly accountant, just trying to square the books and save us from financial ruin. The things Obama said in his candid moment, that Ryan is a complete hypocrite who previously voted for two wars, tax cuts, and a Bush drug plan without a way to pay for them, are undoubtedly true.

So why doesn’t Obama just come right out and speak these truths, again and again, until it gets through our often thick skulls? To me, the most maddening thing about Democrats is that they’re wimps, trying to uphold some invisible and unworkable standard of civility while they’re being torn apart by the zealots of the right. Why is it wrong to call someone a liar when their dishonesty is beyond all doubt? I don’t get it.


Link: http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2011/04/obama-uncensored.html

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