Things NOT To Do If You Hate Taxes

A friend of mine at work sent me a great list of “102 things not to do if you hate taxes.” This is one of many articles that shows how idiotic the Tea Party is. I’ve had (otherwise) intelligent people at work tell me that the government can’t do anything right. I’ve given up trying to convince these people because, like religious fanatics, they can’t grasp that the counter-examples you’re giving them are valid. As another friend at work told me, “Never argue with someone who’s too stupid to know when they’ve lost.” Indeed.

I honestly wish the tea party would just buy some ships, gather all their leaders, and sail off to a new land to start a new nation where they don’t have to pay taxes and can do whatever they want. Heck, we’ll even give them Texas if they agree to build a big wall around it and never leave.



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