Netflix is suicidal

Netflix recently sent me notice that they’re increasing their prices about 60% without changing their product at all. They are removing the $10.00/month streaming and DVD option and charging you 8$/month for streaming only and another 8$/month to rent 1 DVD at a time. I understand that they’re currently making a healthy profit so I have no idea what they’re thinking. This is the kind of absurd business decision that brings a company down. I’m guessing they overestimated their brand loyalty and the value of their service to customers and got greedy. Maybe they’ve forgotten that they have a lot of competition in their market. I was already pissed at their half-hearted (at best) attempt to support Android devices. Sony is going downhill fast but even they aren’t this inept at business.

I’m not sure I’ll completely cancel Netflix but I will certainly cancel the DVD rentals, which they made lots of money on from people like me. I don’t watch TV and have little time to watch movies, so I would order maybe a DVD every month or two. Now they’ll lose this revenue from all the folks like me.

I like their large movie catalog but when a profitable company almost doubles the price of their product without improving the product in any way, that’s basically a big middle finger to its customers.

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