Leave Ernie and Bert Alone

There’s a change.org petition for Ernie and Bert to get married. I’m normally a supporter of change.org, but this is a dumb idea. By trying to force/persuade Sesame Street to marry Ernie and Bert, you’re playing into the same stereotypes used by the right wing nuts that have tried for years to ban Ernie and Bert for their “gay lifestyle”.

I love Ernie and Bert, but first of all, these are PUPPETS. If you insist on treating them as a stand-in for actual humans,  that’s your loss. In any case, calling them gay because they are close and sleep in the same room (ok, baths together are a little odd) is perpetuating the idea that men can’t be close without being gay, and that there are specific actions that define the “gay lifestyle”. That’s BS. There is no universal gay lifestyle, anymore than all heterosexual men have a lifestyle where they wear sleeveless t-shorts, watch Nascar, drink beer, and abuse their women. It’s all BS.

I knew a man for years when I was younger and would never have suspected he was gay. He lived with another man who happened to be the son of a very famous woman, but they seemed like normal guys who were good friends. They were normal guys who happened to be good friends! I learned they were gay only because a tabloid was going to out them because of the famous mom.

So the Ernie and Bert marriage thing is just highlighting the gross perception that gay people ARE a certain way. The only required difference between a gay and a straight person is same-sex attraction. The rest is stereotyping and only hurts the cause of demonstrating that gay people are just like everyone else and deserve the same rights and respect as straight people.

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