Joshua Foust – Someone Buy This Man a Clue

The world is full of “security analysts” who seem to be as clueless as the average man on the street yet somehow convince people to pay them for their thoughts. Apparently Joshua Foust is one of those people. A couple weeks ago, he wrote an article on the military’s use of maps that’s so far off base that it appears he just made it up, either to meet a deadline or gin up some attention to his writing. I wish I were kidding about this, but the article speaks for itself. Not only has this man obviously never served in the Army or Marines, but he clearly hasn’t spent much time around operating forces either.  The comments on his article (including mine) at the link explain some of what he got so wrong and I won’t repeat it here.

I suppose The Atlantic is like The Huffington Post, open to just about anyone who wants to write but very slim on editorial oversight. A proper editor would never have let his article see the light of day. I wonder if the retired Marine General who’s now heading the American Security Project where Joshua is a fellow knows about this article.




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