Matt Taibbi is Right Not to Believe Obama

Matt Taibbi has a great article on why he doesn’t believe Obama on jobs. The comments on that article are largely in agreement with Matt, but there are people who are chiding commenters for believing in a man, for believing that one man could change politics in this country. The people doing the chiding are missing what the rest see clearly.

It’s not that we believed in Obama the person. It’s that we as a nation, the progressives among us at least, believed in him as a symbol of what could happen if we got together and worked extra hard to get a truly different politician into power. Obama encouraged this type of thinking. Just look at the symbolism in his campaign.

When Obama got into power, he wasted little time in surrounding himself with people who represent the very antithesis of what he told us he stood for. In the most important battles of his presidency, he’s stood on the sidelines or maintained a low profile, letting the House and Senate progressives carry the fight themselves. His policies, as far as I can tell, are not Center Left but Center Right. He appears to be a moderate Republican. The difference between him and the GOP today is so prominent because the GOP has driven away all who appear even slightly moderate.

In a very real sense, Obama lied to us. The many people in the article’s comments section claiming he deceived us are right. We are now in a bad place, with an undesirable President coming up for re-election and an unthinkable alternative. A third party candidate might be political suicide, but it might also force Obama closer to where he told us he was in the first place.



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