Elixir 2 Review

I’ve been meaning to do reviews on Android apps for awhile, but I never seem to have the time to take the screenshots and write a thorough review of the many great apps I use on my Galaxy Tab, so I guess I’ll just link to reviews I approve of for now.

Elixir is a Swiss Army Knife (multiuse admin) app for Android that’s been around awhile and now version 2 is out. The same basic functionality is present in the new app, with improvements. There are several good admin apps for Android and it really comes down to personal taste which you prefer. Elixir gives you an amazing amount of system information, helpful utilities for killing and monitoring tasks, moving apps to the SD card, and much more. And it has a good set of widgets too. I’m happy to pay a few bucks for a good app, but there’s no need here because Elixir is free.




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