Apology From Netflix CEO

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has published an apology of sorts on the Netflix blog. It’s refreshing to see a CEO publicly accept blame for damaging a company. We need more of that in this country, much more. It’s not enough to win my business back but I’ll see what happens next. Below is a summary of why I left Netflix after being so happy with them.

  1. I used to pay Netflix for the streaming + 2 DVDs option, watching streaming when I had time and a DVD every couple months. I paid for the convenience of never having to buy a DVD again.
  2. Then Netflix decided to separate the DVD and streaming services and charge me much more without giving me anything extra, and this while they were already profitable. So I dropped the DVD option, costing Netflix most of their profit from me.
  3. Then I read that Netflix wanted you to pay full price for each stream you might use, so with kids, I’d need to pay for two streams on the occasion when we want to watch different stuff. So I dropped the streaming and cancelled my account.
  4. Now Netflix is spinning off their DVD mailing business into Quickster, which will still be owned by Netflix.

Why would a profitable company, knowing they have some rough licensing times coming up, work so hard to alienate their most profitable user base? Someone at Netflix has lost their mind. I liked Netflix and miss some of their content, but their behavior shows me they don’t value their customers or their original mission. I’ll keep Hulu for the occasional TV and look into Amazon for movies.





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