How to Live with Facebook

If you’re anything like me, you hate using Facebook because of what it represents, a selling of your virtual soul (i.e. all your personal information) in exchange for a free place to hang out on the net. Not content with merely profiting from your information, Facebook is constantly optimizing/adjusting the Facebook experience to make things better. I don’t know anyone who thinks they make things better for the user with their changes and I’m not at all sure that’s their focus, but they’re the boss of you on their site, so live with it or leave it.

Fortunately, for those who can’t bring themselves to leave Facebook entirely, in my case because a few friends and my wife and kids use it, there are some tools you can use to mitigate the loss of privacy and frequent user interface changes Facebook inflicts upon you.

Lifehacker has an article on the best Facebook customizers, tools that allow you to change the way Facebook looks in your browser. They also have an article on how to diminish Facebook’s ability to track you all over the web, whether you give permission or not.  I’ll be adding to this list as I find more resources on how to control your Facebook experience and information.



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