Steve Jobs, We’ll Miss You …

I’m very sad that Steve Jobs has died, robbed of too many years of health and life by cancer.

Jobs created so much in his time on earth, the most elegant UNIX system available, the first truly elegant music player, a whole series of design masterpieces that also worked as computers, and more. I strongly disagreed with his (to me, form over function) approach on some products, especially the updates of beloved products, but those products were always unquestionably great, and we merely disagreed slightly on our idea of perfection. Steve and his colleagues set the standard for good design so high that it remains out of reach for all but a few.

With most companies, I complain only if functionality falls short. Their products’ design is such an afterthought that I don’t even think about the product as a designed object. Apple, led by Jobs, is one of the few companies that treat elegance in design as completely central to their products. If Apple can keep that tradition alive, the spirit of Steve Jobs will remain with them and they’ll do just fine.


Someecards created a very fitting goodbye card and I’ll leave you with that.

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