Are Buddhism and Taoism Religions?

From a comment I made on a reddit atheism post:

Taoism is a religion like Humanism is a religion, that is to say not at all. They are both relatively complete worldviews, but a supreme being is not a necessary part of the picture.

Buddhism is at base an atheistic worldview in that there is no need of a supreme being. A god of any sort would be superfluous. If you read the work of the historical Buddha, there is nothing supernatural about it. The Buddha was very careful to refrain from introducing the supernatural because it was beside the point. Buddhism has, like many other teachings, been modified over time for whatever reason, to the extent that there are Buddhist sects with gods and other supernatural beings, realms similar to heaven and hell, etc. If you consider these as purely symbolic objects that help the mind along the journey to enlightenment, then it fits with original Buddhism quite well, but when you make these symbols real, you have departed from the Buddha’s teachings.

I’m a Humanist by the way.

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