Apple Store Builder Talks About Apple Retail Strategy

Ron Johnson, CEO of J.C. Penney and former Senior VP for Retail at Apple, talks about what sets the Apple stores apart and what questions to ask in order to make people want to come to your store, even though it’s more convenient or cheaper to buy the same product somewhere else.

I am very fortunate to be working on an engineering team that’s funded to help other teams build great systems. We don’t need to sell anything to anyone, and since we are not concerned with profit, we are free to direct our resources toward the primary goal of making our “customers” lives better by providing them guidance on how to build great systems and working directly with them to meet their goals. It strikes me that Apple is in a similar situation with their retail stores. They are free to focus on providing customers with the best experience and developing relationships with them one on one.

The author provides some excellent insights into creating a successful retail business and the article is worth reading whatever your situation.


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