Giving the “Pro-Life” Extremists a Taste of Their Own Medicine

A Maryland man plagued by so-called “pro-life” forces bent on ruining his family’s life has come up with a great means of fighting back. This guy is brilliant for thinking this up and wonderful for standing up for women’s choice despite such nasty harassment.

I am ambivalent about abortion in general and I think anyone who really thinks through the issue would be at least a little ambivalent. The fact is, this is one of those issues that will never be resolved.

This much is clear to me. One side wants women to have the freedom to choose what to do with their own bodies, while the other side will stop at nothing, sometimes including murder, to prevent anyone from having that freedom.

This situation is rendered absurd by the fact that the “pro-life” forces stop caring about a potential human life as soon as it’s born, making their claim to be pro-life hypocritical at best. My experience with “pro-life” elements tells me that their hatred of abortion constitutes the whole of their pro-life stance. They tend to be strongly anti-life in every other facet of their lives. Generally, they:

  • Support capital punishment (despite the fact that innocents are murdered by the state and minorities suffer far more than whites under these laws)
  • Support war and “regime change” for political rather than humanitarian reasons
  • Favor long-term imprisonment for anyone (different from them) who breaks arbitrary rules

Also generally, they:

  • Oppose “welfare”
  • Oppose a strong public health system
  • Oppose spending money to improve the education system

I could go on, but you get the idea. Pro-life forces are actually just people filled with hatred and looking for an external target for that hatred, which their twisted religion supplies in plenty. They are almost all followers of an Abrahamic shadow religion that fills them with fear, which inevitably develops into hatred. Unfortunately, we will be plagued with these people as long as we allow children to be brought up in fear and made slaves to an anachronism.

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