Only Pro-Life Women Actually Like Men (Apparently)

Erin Gloria Ryan of Jezebel has a good up-close perspective on the anti-choice women at the RNC.

Here’s my take on abortion and what a loving nation would do to minimize it.

We live in an imperfect world and there will always be a need to abort pregnancy for medical reasons. However, the following would go a long way toward eliminating elective abortions:
1. Helping teen children embrace human nature (rather than making them ashamed of it)
2. Teaching and providing free birth control (preemptive and morning after type)
3. Ensuring that having a child doesn’t mean being stuck with an abuser or in poverty
4. Recognizing that mothering is an honorable profession worth devoting your life to
5. Providing subsidized child care for those who must work or choose to work
6. Ensuring that a child carried to term and then given away will have a loving home and a chance at a successful life.

If we made these 6 items real, the abortion problem would largely disappear and the religious zealots would have to find something else to devote themselves to.

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