3 thoughts on “Yellow Ribbon Symbol For Dogs Needing Space

  1. Ian Tootill

    This is just another excuse to have PIT BULLS. Why don’t you fuckwads kill those fucking dogs and be done with it.
    Having a PIT BULL makes a statement. That statement is “I am an asshole” !!
    And PIT BULL owners are ASSHOLES.
    So fuck your Yellow Ribbons, and kill the fucking PIT BULLS

  2. Chris

    You seem to have an anger problem. I don’t have a pit bull and I don’t think the yellow ribbon is a pit bull specific issue. You should really work on your reading comprehension.

  3. Anonymous

    I think the ribbons are a great idea and know a number of owners who could benefit from this It would truly help the dog world if enough people new about this because some dogs HATE it when others come up sniffing there butts and the owners think it’s cute No it’s Rude.

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